Client Testimonials


Joseph H.

"With over 25 years of business experience, Rick Dumas is one of the most brilliant and fascinating guys I have had the pleasure to work with. His wealth of knowledge has helped me and my employees in so many wonderful ways. He has provided excellent training and consulting that has helped my business survive and thrive during these challenging times. He has shown profound excellence in a wide variety of business fields. Thank you, Rick."

Juan Francisco B.

"Rick is a great influence and a great coach for life and goal achievement. He explains how to look at life habits and how to make small changes to create a better life outcome. One example is after a back operation and months of physical therapy I was still not walking (properly) straight. He coached me into focusing only on my goal and now I walk in a much more appropriate manner. Thank you, Rick."


Kian T.

"When I started selling I had no idea how to start a conversation with a customer. I was thinking just being nice and helpful would make me successful. But Rick showed me how I can start a conversation with the person I just met and how to walk customers through the process of purchasing. I always appreciate whatever he teaches me. He knows how to teach, how to practice and work with you until you become a master."

Leon S.

"When you first meet Rick Dumas you will notice two things. First is his height and second is his unmistakable air of confidence that only appears around those that are masters of their craft. In my brief, but meaningful time with him, he completely changed my perception of customer interactions. Make no mistake you will be a better salesman and businessman after Rick's curriculum. You will just need to put in the work!"

Ramiro Z.

"I was fortunate to meet Rick about three years ago, his ability to help with different aspects of life is out of this world. I am a much better person, professional, and family man. He knows how to help people become a much better version of themselves. I will forever be grateful."


Phil J.

"Rick has continuously been training me in management for 10+ years. He has always been a great help in improving my day-to-day processes and helping my team become more successful in sales and daily life. He is always in an upbeat mood to create a positive work environment and brings people up around him."

Alan S.

"Rick's approach to training is unique. Not only is he professional and knowledgeable, but he makes the classes entertaining and he gets everyone involved. 

I see him as a teacher and a mentor. 

I have learned a lot from him and still have a lot to learn."

Luis M.

"I, Luis M., have more than 20 years experience of selling cars, but when I got to California, that’s where I got to know Mr. Rick. I learned a lot in his classes. Thanks to him, every day I sell more cars. Thanks for your teachings, knowledge, and experience. Thank you. Thank you very much, Mr. Rick."


Hugo Z.

"Ready to become the best version of yourself? It all comes down to your ability to conquer your fears. He will give you the know how in whatever field you are in."

Marco A.

"Practice makes perfect. Training in action is what will make you #1 and keeps you motivated to make money. The more training and education you get, the sharper you’ll be daily. Thanks Mr. Rick."

Cynthia M.

"Rick Dumas is a person who finds time in his busy schedule to talk about how to improve your daily work activities. I respect him because he trusts and cares for others, he makes you grow in any aspect. It's not only what he says, it's also how he says it! Thank you Rick!"


Zarina A.

"Do you want to improve yourself? Understand that it is up to you to make the choice and take the course at Decide Your Results and trust me it will show you a new way to live and work.

I wanted to thank Rick Dumas for bringing changes in my life. I was having trouble with many things in my life that were going on. One day I sat down to talk to Rick and we had a chat about my feelings and the situation I was in. His words and his positive energy helped me so much that it completely changed
my situation to being 100% better. Before that, I was not able to think straight. After talking with Rick, I feel like a new person. He is very good at listening, caring, and uses the best examples to show you what will guide you in the right direction. I’m very thankful for having that chance to talk with Rick and I thank him from the bottom of my heart for his help."

Laurice S. (Lulu)

"I met Rick over three years ago. My son met Rick and immediately wanted me to talk to him. Believe me I was hesitant, until one day I decided to call him. We spoke briefly and met at one of my offices. I have been in this industry for more than 20 years and thought I knew it all. Rick just took me to the next level. He simplified things for me, taught me to believe in things, and value my time. Rick is honest, sincere, and has a ton of knowledge and patience. I recommend Rick to my people that want to grow. I can go on, but if you need to know more ask Rick for my number. I can answer anything you need to know. Great guy!"