Our Owner’s Journey

Rick Dumas is a PGI consultant who does personal coaching and business consulting. His success was prefaced by many years of experience in the retail industry and as the sales trainer, and several manager roles including being the General Manager for years with employee counts over 100 and sales above $45 million.

He searched for years for the exact answer on how to be, do, and have the things he desired for his life. After reading hundreds of books, countless videos, attending events, having, and hiring coaches and mentors, he was still not seeing the results he was looking for. Yes, he was successful in many of his manifestations and created things he wanted to see. He had a good life, but it wasn’t quite what he was looking for. He knew there was a path to success that was exact, scientific, and guaranteed.

Rick sat down and started writing out what he gleaned from all the years and all the information and successes he had achieved and started to write his own program. When he leaned deeper into what Bob Proctor was teaching, it was the perfect transition. Instead of starting from scratch, he could take this material and add his own training into a hybrid program. He knew in his heart he immediately had to sign up, even though he barely knew what he was signing up for. It was more than he expected to pay, but he knew that he was finally going to get everything he had looked for. Rick had already invested in looking for this education and had always gotten something new and rewarding out of it, so to invest in himself again was not an issue to achieve long term success.


Hey, I’m Rick

I decided that I would take all the information that I learned from my lifetime with family, courses in business, leadership, sales, management, communication plus all the books, videos and seminars and create a proven course. A course that if someone was willing to follow, they would achieve the results they were looking for. Many times, those results elude us and I knew if I could put something together that could take a person or company through the steps, they would end up with what they wanted. This was no doubt the best decision I have made. The content and what you become when you go through the course, puts you at an ultra-level. To be able to have a clear mind to create from, to interact and communicate with others so you are heard, and the other person is heard is comforting. To be happy every day because you choose to be is a great way to live every day. Not only that, but there is also so much more. To be what you want, do what you want and have what you want is available to you starting now if you’re ready. It may take you out of your comfort zone, but if you follow closely, you are guaranteed success in the end to be, do, or have what you want.

Now, what have you got to gain? Start now to Decide Your Results and we will get you what you want. If you’re ready to start living the way you want to live, I’m in your corner.